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Transport Protection Services is internationally known, internationally registered and is the preferred supplier of two of the main K & R insurance companies in South Africa


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Be impressed, be very impressed
Real protection real time
Transport Protection Services
We can assure you a level of protection that will impress you, we have proven 
ourselves by exceeding all limits and expectations which is why our 
client’s love the fact that can they depend on us. 
Be impressed, be very impressed
Ronin SA training certificate

We’ve got skills

All employees are trained and registered internationally, backed with years of experience and skill.

Courses- Close Protection, Cash in Transit, Hostile extraction, Armed Response, Medical etc......

Transport Protection Services Equipment

And the tools

Transport Protection Services only utilizes the best equipment for it’s employees ensuring the client gets what he pays for. From Defcon 5 battle jackets, Trijicon ACOG scopes, Sidewinder boots, AR15’s, SAR M14-Dashprods, Glocks and Rugers- SR9C’s

Transport Protection Services offers our international clients, international registered and international trained bodyguards with a vast amount of years of experience and knowledge. Couple this with our 1st world infrastructure of protocols, threat and risk assessments, 24 hour emergency control room makes us the preferred partner in your protection plan.  

Transport Protection Services is proud to mention that we have our own Medical Response company called Tactical Paramedical Services- this eliminates the use of using any other company to assist with Medical Responses to our clients needs.

What is protection without medical response.   

One of the fore mentioned services that proceeds our name is the Armed Escorts service. By offering our clients not only the option of personal and family protection but on their assets as well while in motion (being mobile). With the special skills, international accreditation and international training this alone sets us apart from the rest.

Armed Asset Escorts

Tactical Paramedical Services

Bodyguards ( Close Protection)

Please note that it has been brought to our attention that a certain security company 
is trying to copy us. Our web site, the way we advertise. etc
Don’t be fooled by imposters- 
Truly TPS Leads and others follow