Specializing in providing our clients with sufficient protection in order to avoid and deter any serious criminal element that wish to make financial gains through the abduction of a person

Specializing in the recovery of a person once they have been abducted and ransom has been issued for their safe return

The recovery of a person which has been abducted is conducted with highly trained personal which is in our elite STARR team | Special Tactics and Rescue Response, whom have worked side by side of the South African Special Task force.

Remember when kidnapped/abducted: Remain calm, stay focused, observe and mentally note your surroundings for key noises/sounds, views & most important the descriptions of your abductors by nationality, accent, builds, dress, tattoo's, skin colour etc

A family who has close protection all the time should be taught sign language that can assist in signalling in certain circumstances. For security reasons -refer to a consultant for further info

What's been happening at Transport Protection Services

Transport Protection Services STARR members worked with the South African Task force in a covert operation in order to prevent a kidnapping of a client by criminals.

Transport Protection Services provides our clients with a overall protection services from monitoring of the house alarm, armed response to the alarm activation, static security guards, mobile armed escorts of assets, close protection of the client and family members- all of this done in house.



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Transport Protection Services is internationally known, internationally registered and is the preferred supplier of two of the main K & R insurance companies in South Africa


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